Family Eco tour Health Retreat to La Fortuna, Costa Rica

June 2-9, 2018

Live your best life~ with vitality as we explore beautiful La Fortuna, Costa Rica
June 2-9, 2018.
~Join us for our eco-tours
~Health and wellness lectures
~The healing hot springs & thermal mineral pools
Easy 2 hour flights from south Florida.
 This is a very popular retreat !
Reserve till January 1st 2018 and avoid $250 registration fee!

Tropical Yoga Retreat in Montezuma, Costa Rica 

February 17- 24, 2018



Join us for this beautiful and life changing experience
with a Healthy Tropical Retreat in Beautiful Costa Rica!

Morning and evening yoga classes, daily lectures and practice learning how to prepare delicious raw and vegan foods with Viktoras Kulvinskas, ( www.viktoras.orgwho is called the godfather of vegan raw food and the co-founder of Hippocrates Health Institute! Throughout the day you will enjoy beautiful beach walks and scenic waterfall swimming.


Cost: $1,840  per person (includes lodging and meals, yoga/meditation classes, and raw food lectures)
Reservations confirmed by November 1st, 2017
Disclaimer: I do not provide medical advice and by no means a substitute for your medical doctor.

Space is limited! 






mjHola Dear Friends~
Nine days of quantum learning with a global group of brilliant and caring citizens of the world. Thank you so much for traveling into the jungle and sharing yourself and your stories, your laughter and your tears. This is always emotional for me when I witness this kind friendship. I never take it for granted.
So long for now, be well and call me anytime.
I am in Fort Myers and downtown Chicago.
Pura Vida and Thank you again,

All My Love,
Sandi  312-399-0288


January 21, 2015
Pura Vida, my fellow yogis!
What an incredible experience the last ten days were for me in Costa Rica! I learned many valuable lessons, some through just encountering each of you! My biggest lesson is the only thing I’m doing right so far is getting enough sun :) What I took from Enn and MJ’s e-mails is that we all have places to stay in Estonia, London, and NJ so we better get planning a reunion!! Not to mention, we can always gather in Florida! This morning, I was so sad that Jeff was not here to prepare my delicious breakfast. I decided if I had a chef, I would definitely eat vegan again! I have ordered comfrey for my knee and am excited to try out some of Viktoras’ remedies!! Here’s to happy running :) I’m also going to contact one of my local yoga studios in Tallahassee to see if I I could teach a donation class just to incorporate some of my Inga yoga here!!
I am such an emotional person, and I am crying as I write this. You all were so incredible, and it’s amazing how close you can become when you live with people for such a short time. Enn, you are like my brother from another mother (if you don’t know this English phrase, google it. It means I love you :))! Inga, I have missed you so dearly and am so grateful that you were able to do this retreat again this year and I could participate. Everything happens for a reason. I will feel your spirit with me each day. And, Kim, man, I feel as if I lost my best friend. For two people who spent an hour or two together each week in a group setting, I could not have dreamed of a better experience than I had with you this week. I normally feel as if I can express myself better on paper, but I am lost with words for my love for you. Hell, I’m even going to Iceland and we know I hate the cold!!
This trip happened at the perfect time in the perfect place with the perfect people for me. I needed each and every one of you, and I am forever grateful for the time we shared and hopefully for the future laughs we will share.
Namaste…every day :) PURA VIDA!

Daniela (I’m seriously considering changing my name in the States)


January 21, 2014
Hello, my friends!
I just wanted to tell my huge thanks to everyone! Thank you so much for great company & holiday! It was really great trip and holiday! The only thing what I do regret is that I was having few evening some my own work to do (next time will not take lap top with me) and also my knee… I wanted to do more yoga and running, but because of my knee… anyway all ok and I’m very happy! It was really good relax.
I learned a lot from you everyone, and from Joanne & Terri, from the best yoga teacher in the World – Inga, and of course from our Raw Food Guru & Godfather – VICTORAS.
I really admire all of you! I promise you, I’ll be now much more healthy, and year to year more on my way to vegan lifestyle… step by step, but probably quite slowly… :) I’ll drink juices and smoothies every day, I love sprouts, seeds and greens. Definitely I’ll add some of the raw vegan foods to my catering menu! I’ll order dehydrator to my home and also to my catering company. I’ll start to do definitely yoga, because I like to be flexible :o)) Massive thanks also to Sandi, because thanks to you I’m here in Montezuma!
I hope we can all meet one day again. That will be really great! And also, everybody are very welcome to London & to Estonia. Just let me know, when you come, and let’s do it!
And of course…. LET’S DO IT soon again! :)
I love you everyone! & hope see you soon…

With best regards
Enn Tobreluts


Jan 22, 2015
Thanks to all of you, this is what I am taking home with me from Costa Rica.
Daily Practies of Radiant Living & Mindfullness
¨When we change our inner world we change our outer world.¨
1. Purpose – A life of purpose is a purposeful life. Happiness comes from accomplishing your goals with focus and peacefulness and advancing to life’s purpose.
2. Slow down– Find ways to shed stress thru meditation and/or prayer. Solitude and quiet is healing for the soul. Through silence you come to find who you are
3. Nourishment – Eating live plant foods and not overeating is the secret to many centenarians
4. Physical Movement – Nourish your body through exercise. Care for the body, care for the mind. To breathe properly is to live properly
5. Faith, Family & Friends – Having a belief that encourages moral living, putting family first and surrounding yourself with a social network that supports healthy behaviors.
6. Cultivate the mind – Nurture you mind. Your thoughts are your reality
7. Self Mastery – Improve every aspect of self. Live with courage & strong character. Liberate you own human potential.
8. Self Discipline – An abundance of will power and self discipline is one the main attributes to those who have wonderful lives and strong character.
9. Time – The most precious commodity. A non renewable resource. Time reminds us to live full productive days while advancing our purpose and fulfilling our spiritual self.
10. Kindness – Compassion and daily acts of kindness make a life far richer.
11. Live in the NOW – Enjoy your life and all its beauty now. Never put off living. Embrace the Now, the present moment.

Thank you for making this all possible.